The Ramen Journey

Ramen can be simple and made from pure yet also what seems to be the most batch common of ingredients.   From when the silky broth touches the lips and the noodles caresses the palate the experience of the encounter is beyond explanation that will only exist in memory until it is experienced once again.

Ramen has existed through the days of yore, and through several eras of time yet something about Ramen brings our soul into harmony.   It has defined the dreams, love, and passion, of the ramen master.   Even unlocking possibilities of life.

A bowl of Ramen possesses charm that bonds friends, family, and acquaintances together as it contemplates our unexpected connections that may or may not be everlasting, yet they stay and remains with us forever.

At Menya Itto, encounter the same cult experience as from Japan.  We have several signature broths that are rich, balanced, creamy, complex, and beyond words.   Our broths are slowly simmered for more than twelve hours containing seafood, chicken, and even lobster in some broths combined with authentic and rare ingredients from Japan.  Our noodles are in house made from seven varieties of specialty flour providing the ultimate smooth, velvety texture while possessing a pleasing elastically chewy character.

Our roasted slow cooked rich pork is amazingly succulent.   Additionally, our tender juicy sous vide chashu and chicken breast is unbelievably perfect and even flawless.   It will be the best piece of chicken breast anyone has ever had.  Our ingredients are exclusive to Menya Itto only; while these elements will provide a moment of bliss with a mental state of harmony and utopia which temporarily allows one to escape from the negativity

Welcome to Menya Itto.

Menya Itto

The founder, master, and owner of Menya Itto, Mr. Sakamoto, is a renowned restauranteur and chef in Japan.   Mr. Sakamoto began his career in French cuisine before discovering and pursuing his passion for ramen. He trained under the renowned “son-of ramen god” Mr. Tashiro Koji and was the great disciple of the late Mr. Kazuo Yamagishi the renowned “god of ramen” and inventor of Tsukemen.

With encouragement from his teacher, Mr. Sakamoto created and established Menya Itto, with its unique style of pursuing a lighter ramen that tastes balanced, rich, complex, yet simultaneously intensively flavorful and heavenly.

While Mr. Sakamoto has expanded from Japan with shops within Asia territory in Thailand, Hong Kong, & Taiwan.  He is delighted to be offering his cult ramens in his first establishment in North America.

The Founder

Menya Itto is literally philosophical translated as house of ramen- One lantern’, serving as a metaphor that one small light can illuminate the path for others to shine, in turn creating a more vibrantly brighter world.

Origins of Ramen has existed for centuries and perhaps through ancient times.  Menya Itto opened and joined the ramen world in 2010 and became an instant hit with insane lineups while establishing a reputation as one of the best ramen organizations in Japan. In fact, given the little time span in Menya Itto’s history.  It has already become a serious contender in challenging for the title of being the world’s best ramen. Menya Itto’s specialty Tsukemen ramen which gained a high popularity and has generated a mass cult following earning an alias and title of “The King of Tsukemen”.

However, the greatest honor has been Menya Itto’s tabelog awards for best ramen in Japan since 2010.    This award is voted upon through reviews by critics, food enthusiasts, tourists, and locals. The Tabelog awards honor the most revered food and restaurants in Japan.  It’s the grammys of Japanese cuisine and equivalent to the Michelin Star award.    It is the most coveted award in Japan

Japan is estimated to have nearly a million food establishments, fifty thousand of them are Ramen shops.  Usually five ramen establishments and under are ever able to obtain such an award annually.

Menya Itto has accomplished this award for nearly ten consecutive years.


We offer full support for our partners seeking opportunity and passionate about cult Ramen the authentic way it is in Japan.


Our Ramen shops will be a place to work and a place to connect.

We want  people whom are passionate about Ramen and are open minded about providing great experiences for guests and interacting with colleagues.